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Holidaymakers often get better deals for direct bookings with travel providers without having to use a booking site, which one?

The Consumer Site found that customers encountered a number of issues when using booking sites, including struggling to secure cancellations and refunds, or encountering poor customer service.

Which is the survey of about 5000 people? Rating booking sites for their price, transparency of fees and the effectiveness of their websites – many brands have scored worse this year in the epidemic.

Which one? Advised manufacturers to book holidays directly instead

The results could be in favor of the expectation to travel for a winter break after lifting the lockdown in England next week.

Although seen as a hassle-free way of booking overseas travel, flight booking sites score very poorly.

While some companies were unable to contact for refunds and cancellations, some took admin fees that customers would not have asked for when booking directly through airlines.

Netflight had the highest rating in this category, with a score of 65%, even after telling employees on the holidays that refunds would take more than 45 days to process.

Meanwhile, Apodor had the lowest score (45%) and which one? Passengers are advised to avoid booking with it after leaving the Atal scheme.

Comparison sites have improved somewhat, with Skyscanner leading the way with 67%.

The only comparison site to receive a five-star rating in any category was given a top score for the effectiveness of its website.

Located at the bottom of the Travelogicity table, each category has achieved only two stars and has a customer service score of 43%.

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Housing booking sites were rated somewhat favorably, the only category where some sites were able to achieve a customer score of more than 70%.

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Who recommended Airbnb? Five stars were awarded for its customer service despite the huge number of cancellations during the UK lockdown.

Last came last in this category for the third year and has created three stars in each category.

Which one? Instead of going to the booking sites, anyone with expectations should try to book directly instead

“Booking sites have been seen as a hassle-free way to find the most business about travel or accommodation when booking vacations, but our survey highlights serious issues ranging from dodge refund policies and unexpected admin fees to non-existent customer service,” said Rory Bland, editor of Which? Travel.

“This year has shown us that nothing can be guaranteed when booking a holiday, so it’s more important than ever to make sure the company you’re booking with can be credible with your money.”

A spokesman for Oppodo said: “Although each of our customers is important to us and we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, the response to the survey (93) received from Oppodo customers is very limited.

“The size of this small sample is not reflective of our 1 million customers worldwide. We have returned 100% of the 1 million tickets and package holidays.”

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