It is believed that grains are linked to heart disease when consumption is high.

It is no surprise that diet has an effect on your health. If it is high quality, varied and balanced, then you will be able to maintain your shape. Conversely, if it is clogged by industrial products, sugar, saturated fat and processed products, you may have some problems. One study then points the finger at refined grains because they will have a link with heart diseases. Results suggest that they increase risk if consumption is heavy.

Beware of consuming these refined grains

Cereals are actually everywhere because you can eat them in different ways, whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is still a small explanation to make, because, while refined grains seem problematic, whole grains can be beneficial to your health. You can easily understand that your oatmeal served with a little almond milk for energy for breakfast will obviously not have the same effect if you eat chocolate cereal infused with sugar.

  • The study of the question was published in the British Medical Journal and you can slow down the consumption of these grains in view of the results obtained..
  • Scientists have determined a percentage relative to the increased risk of heart disease.
  • Therefore, refined grains can be problematic with a high risk of stroke of 47% in the event of heavy consumption.

For heart disease, the risk increases to 27% according to this study, which is clearly not negligible. Your work should not be easy with this survey, especially if you are already having trouble finding breakfast that meets your expectations. Refined grains are often easy to flavor and prepare to save you time, but the effect on health should not be overlooked.

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Some people face real headaches, so they decide not to have breakfast, which can also be problematic as the craving at 10 am will obviously occur. Others skip this meal of the day to take advantage of intermittent fasting to relax digestion.

Eat grains but sparingly

As with all food products that are likely to surround us, we should be reasonable. If you eat half a packet of refined grains every morning, there is a possibility that the percentages may apply, but it is also not systematic, it also depends on other factors. On the other hand, it may make sense to review your diet, especially by limiting the intake of sugar, saturated fat, dishes prepared by the manufacturers … The study suggests that refined if you don’t eat more It is possible to eat grains 350 grams per day.

You might think this is ultimately a significant quantity, but it includes all refined grains, so you have to take into account industrial santa, pastries, white bread, as noted by Top Sainte or even Pastry. is. If you want to enjoy them for breakfast, then you obviously need to cut these grains from your routine. If you have difficulty finding an interesting and beneficial diet for your health, it is advisable to contact a nutritionist.

He can then help you determine which products to consider, which to discard, and which are tailored based on your physical condition. In any case, reducing all food too much is also not a relevant solution.

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