It has been revealed when the Chinese Tianwen-1 spacecraft will enter Mars orbit


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China’s Tianwen-1 Mars spacecraft has traveled about 400 million kilometers in 163 days and will be in orbit in February. The New China Agency reported this on Sunday.

The website states that the spacecraft is located 130 million km from Earth and 8.3 million km from Mars. According to the flight plan, it will go to Mars in about a month and start slowing down.

The spacecraft was launched on 23 July last year from the Wencheng Spaceport using a long March 5 launch vehicle. The spacecraft will operate in Mars’s orbit for about three months, after which the module will take off and land on Utopia Planetia. After examining all the systems, he leaves the platform and begins to explore the planet.

The Chinese mission assisted in orbiting Mars, landing on the planet’s surface and moving. The spacecraft will transmit the first data to Earth in 2021. If successful, scientists will be able to explore the atmosphere, relief, geological characteristics and nuances of the magnetic field, which will help solve the mystery of the origin and evolution of the red planet and achieve the key to the solar system.

At the same time, the mission’s main goal is to discover possible signs of life on Mars and help scientists understand if conditions on the planet may be habitable by humans in the future.

Moon hunt

In November last year, the Chinese National Space Agency launched a rocket with probe to the reconnaissance moon. For the first time in the history of Chinese astronauts, it is to supply samples of lunar rocks to Earth.

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The launch took place from the Wenchang spacecraft on Hainan Island in the People’s Republic of China. If Chang-e Mission 5 succeeds, it will be the first mission since the late 1970s to redistribute the Earth. At first, only the Soviet Union and the United States were successful.

When the launch vehicle was delivered to the city of Wenchang in late September, experts carried out a complex task of preparation, including final installation and necessary tests, and then safely launched the missile to ramp No. 1 of the Whanghang spaceport. Was taken from.

The Chang-A5 spacecraft was originally scheduled to be launched in late November 2017, but the mission had to be postponed due to a Long March 5 launch vehicle crash in July 2017. It was later scheduled for 2019, but was still postponed.

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