It comes out in cross-play on mobile and PC, announcement trailer

June 2, 2022. This is the date chosen by Blizzard Entertainment to release Diablo Immortal on mobile, but also on PC. Also, it’s a small surprise of the day, as no one expected to see this title cross-play on these two media. But a nice surprise rarely comes alone, know that you can already register on the official site. And even though the game was initially designed on PC, Blizzard reassures us by explaining that the PC experience will be complete and it will be possible to get to the bottom of it via an open beta. PThe period during which the developers will collect players’ opinions and thus continue to refine the game. We also learn that Diablo is immortal Will support controllers on PC and mobile, especially as developers have changed the controllers’ functionality so that it is now possible to use a free cursor to navigate menus. However, typing messages in the game will require a touch screen or keyboard. As far as the trailer is concerned, it is efficient at alternating cutscenes and gameplay extracts.

diablo immortal

diablo immortal

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