Israeli ship hit by explosion in Gulf of Oman

(Dubai) A ship owned by an Israeli owner in the Gulf of Oman was detonated by maritime surveillance companies and the owner reported on Friday that there were no casualties.

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MV Helios Re“An Israeli boat carrying vehicles,” said Dryad Global, a company specializing in maritime security, was the victim of an explosion in the Gulf of Oman.

The ship was on a voyage between Dammam, a port city in eastern Saudi Arabia, and Singapore in northwest Oman on Thursday at the time of the explosion, the company reported.

The vessel, which flies the flag of the Bahamas, “belongs to Israel-registered Israeli company Helios Limited,” said Dryad Global.

It is owned by Israeli businessman Rami Unger, according to Israeli public broadcaster Kan.

Two 1.5 meter diameter holes

The explosion confirmed the owner of the ear, “one meter and about half a hole in diameter”. It was “not yet clear” according to him if it was “caused by missile fire or boat-connected mines”.

He said that there were no casualties among the crew and the engine was not damaged. The boat will arrive at an Emirati port on Saturday morning.

According to the Marine Traffic website, the boat left from Dammam on Wednesday and was scheduled to arrive in Singapore next week.

“We have no idea” if the incident is related to tensions between Washington and Tehran and if “it has nothing to do with the fact that the boat’s owner is Israeli,” Unger said.

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The UK’s Office of Maritime Business Operations also reported the explosion, saying “investigations are on”.

Dryad Global’s suggestion that Iran may be responsible for the explosion sparked tensions between Israel and the Islamic Republic amid the incident.

“While the description of the incident is unclear, there is a realistic possibility that the event was the result of an activity […] Iranian military, ”the maritime surveillance company said.

In addition, “Iran increasingly anticipates improvement in relations between Israel and the Gulf states”, adds Dryad Global, which mentions recent normalization agreements between the Hebrew state and countries such as the United Arab Emirates or Bahrain.

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