Israel voted. But what to do with the Islamists of Raam?

Yes, there is actually an Islamist party in Israel. Mansoor Abbas’s Rayam Party, which won 4 seats in last Tuesday’s elections. There is debate and everything interesting in this party because Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition did not get a majority that would allow it to govern alone. With 59 votes, two will be missing. The Prime Minister makes his calculations, whom do we have to call? Rayam had the idea of ​​airing well, but not everyone liked it.

Zioni Party (6 seats) leader Bezlal Smotrik said that his ultra-nationalist party would not accept the government which included Rayam.

“A right-wing government will not be made with Mansur Abbas’s Ra’am Party,” he said, declaring that “supporters of terrorism who deny the existence of the state of Israel because the Jewish state is not a legitimate partner of any government”.

It is also part of Smotrich’s criticism of Israeli survivors, who accuse him of persecuting “Netanyahu” and being “ready to sell the state of Israel to those who identify with the worst of their enemies.” Let’s accuse.

On the other hand, in the Shas Party, MP Itzik Cohen supports the idea of ​​a right-wing religious government, one way or another. According to him, the party showed “immense bravery” by taking “a step to the right” and a desire to join a government. For Smotrich, he is “an extremist himself,” he said.

On Thursday morning, a member of Ra’am’s negotiating team, lawyer Shua Mantzur, told military radio that from the Arab party’s point of view, it was impossible to be part of the alliance with Smotrich and Itmar. Ben Zavir, n °. 3 in the electoral list of the Zionist Party.

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