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Elsevier, the world’s largest academic publisher, this week released Stanford University’s annual rankings, which identify 100,000 researchers whose papers are the top 2% most cited in the world, and are therefore ranked among the best internationally. treated as a domain. Tel Aviv University ranks first among Israeli universities with 394 researchers.

13 researchers in top 50, 180 in top 100.

According to the prestigious ranking, 13 Tel Aviv University researchers are ranked in the world’s top 50 in their field and 180 in the top 100.

Teacher. Noga Elon of the School of Computer Science at UTA ranks number one in the world in his field. Teacher’s. Game theory experts from the School of Economics, Ariel Rubinstein and Itzak Gilboa, are in fifth and sixth place, Prof. School of Public Health’s Jiska Cohen-Mansfield, specialist in geriatrics, ranked 7th and Prof. David Schmidler from the School of Mathematics and the Faculty of Management is ranked 10th.

Teacher. Noga Alone recently met Prof. Yossi Matias, the prestigious Kanelakis Award from ACM (Association of Computer Machinery), for his significant work in laying the foundation for streaming algorithms (sending live content) and developing applications for big data analysis (Big Data). Teacher’s. Itzhak Gilboa, Cohen-Mansfield and Schmeidler were ranked 6th and 12th respectively in their field in the 2020 Stanford rankings. So all three have risen in the index this year.

The faculties of life sciences, medicine, exact sciences and engineering are notably present in the ranking, the most represented field being clinical medicine with 139 researchers in the list of best in the world, followed by physics with 59 researchers. is astronomy. Information and Communication Technology with 36 researchers and Engineering with 35.

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