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Again an Arab state makes its peace with Israel. The driving force behind this is the Trump administration. But it is mainly about the politics of power. A solution to the Middle East conflict is still far away.

Is the Middle East facing a diplomatic upheaval? A month after the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain also reached a peace treaty with Israel. The two countries want to establish diplomatic relations with which the Gulf states officially recognize the Jewish state. In return, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has confirmed the suspension of the planned annexation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank.

There is resentment over the humiliation of the Palestinians; Iran and Turkey reacted angrily over the weekend when another Islamic country left the anti-Israel front. After Egypt, Jordan and Emirates, Bahrain is the fourth Arab state to have an agreement with Jerusalem.

Trump: “Historical Breakthrough”

The two most recent peace agreements came at the urging of the USA. Negotiations between Israel and Bahrain will “continue the positive transformation of the Middle East and enhance stability, security and prosperity in the region”, emphasized the three countries in a joint declaration on Friday.

“Another historic success,” US President Donald Trump commented on Twitter about the agreement that his son-in-law and mentor Jared Kushner had visited Bahrain in early September. The agreement between Israel and the two Gulf states is scheduled to be signed at the White House on Tuesday.

US President gave support Pro-israel

Certainly the result for Trump two months before the presidential election is a diplomatic breakthrough that fulfills the central goals of his Middle East policy: namely the strengthening of the most important regional ally Israel and the unity of the anti-Iranian camp.

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At the same time, the US president is thus strengthening his support with pro-Israel in campaigning and asserting himself as a peace politician – especially with the idea of ​​his democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, who in the middle Did little to resolve the eastern conflict.

Is Oman ready to recognize Israel soon?

In Bahrain, where the Sunni royal family rules the Shia majority, not only is the 5th US fleet stationed. Like the Emirate, the dwarf state is a close ally of the Sunni regional power Saudi Arabia.

Without the silent consent of the Saudis, the latest agreements with Jerusalem would be unimaginable. If one considers Trump’s rhetoric, rulers in Riyadh and Oman may soon be ready to recognize Israel. The power-political rivalry between Saudi and Shia Iran will intensify it.

Interest in trade policy on both sides

Meanwhile, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke of a “new era of peace” in a video message. He expects a contract with oil producer and banking center Bahrain to “make major investments in Israel’s economy”. It is very important”.

Even after the Israeli-Emirati agreement a month earlier, observers suspected that the two sides were primarily focused on trade policy interests. Over the weekend, Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa also called for “just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians on the basis of a two-state solution”.

Turkey criticizes Bahrain’s decision

But the Palestinian Authority sees the agreement as just another “fraud against Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian cause”. The leadership of the Hamas militia in the Gaza Strip spoke of “stabbing the back of the Palestinian people and a move against the interests of Arabs and Muslims”. Sunni Islamists have appealed for expansion of their increased cooperation with the Shia Hezbollah militia and more recently aid from Iran.

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Tehran said on Saturday that Bahrain was now “a partner in the crimes of the Zionist regime”. The Turkish government, whose chief Erdogan now considers Hamas as a partner, also sharply criticized Bahrain’s decision: “It will continue to encourage Israel to continue its illegitimate actions against the Palestinians.”

Mass: “Another important step”

The General Secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars said that from Qatar, which is hostile to Saudi Arabia, influential religious scholar Ali al-Qaradgi tweeted angrily: Muslims should “stand by Palestine with all our sides” . Apparently, Trump’s mediation has so far only divided Islamic and Arab camps in the Middle East conflict and advanced Iran’s role as an alleged friend of the Palestinians. To do this, he is taking them further, but not back to the negotiating table for the time being.

In this US-dominated game, Europeans appear completely inactive and out. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) announced that the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Bahrain was “another important step”. He is confident that this will give a boost to the peace process. He left open what could happen.

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