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Indonesia’s Telkom kept its pace in December with the Netflix ISP Speed ​​Indicator, our monthly update on which ISPs provide the best prime-time Netflix streaming experience.

Telkom rose 0.4 megabits per second (Mbps) to 3.2 megabits per second, up from last month’s 2.8 megabits per second. Among all countries and regions, Indonesia’s average speed also increased to 3.4 Mbps from its highest in December of 3.0 Mbps.

More than 10 countries and territories have improved by at least 0.2 Mbps over the past month. Of these, four countries reported losses of at least 0.2 Mbps in November. Bolivia, Costa Rica and Vietnam all recovered from their declines in November and returned to 3.4 Mbps. Paraguay, which saw its average speed drop by 0.2 Mbps last month, jumped to 3.6 Mbps.

Last month the two ISPs saw a drop of 0.2 Mbps. Imagine Ireland has dropped from 3.4 Mbps to 3.2 Mbps. Pakistan’s optics fell from 3.2 to 3.0 Mbps.

Singapore and the Netherlands were the only two countries in the best performing category in December with speeds of 3.8 Mbps. The best performing ISPs maintained their average speed over the last month at 3.8 Mbps.

The Netflix ISP Speed ​​Index is a measure of Netflix’s prime-time performance at a particular ISP, not the overall performance of other services/data traveling on that ISP’s network. Netflix’s faster performance generally means better picture quality, faster start times, and fewer interruptions. We’ve also built a separate tool to check your current download performance: Visit in any internet browser or download the FAST file speed testiOS Of Android implementation.

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