Islam in France: CFCM, four main unions separated from Moussaoui

A press release issued on 17 March announced the withdrawal of the four main Muslim associations from the Executive Office of the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM). Reason given decision “Unilateral” To bring together the Executive Committee of the CFCM to appoint the President of Mohammed Moussaoui National Jail. “This meeting was held against common sense, illegally and against the advice of the main founding associations”, It is stressed.

The disgruntled officers are as follows: First the FFAIACA, known under the leadership of Asani Fasi and representing the countries of Africa, Comoros and Antilles. The second federation that followed was the Federation of the Great Mosques of Paris, headed by the Chelms-Edin Hafiz. The organization is reputed to be close to Algiers. The Muslims of the Union of France (former UIOF), led by Amar Lassafar, also followed suit. It is regarded by many observers as being close to the Muslim Brotherhood, a point that is always challenged by members of the association.

Finally, unsurprisingly, the Anauer Hobiebec of the Racambération des Mussulmans de France (RMF) also joined the unions that opted to withdraw. The engineer born in Meknes is the chairman of RMF, whose vice-president is none other than the current chairman of CFCM, which is in a critical state today. With these withdrawals, known for a certain proximity to the decision-making centers in Rabat, he therefore finds himself isolated and the body he empties from his substance.

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