Islam, “Bite Noir That Must Be Erased” (Video)

“I have people who have asked me to say my thing, they are afraid that we will tarnish a population, they have the impression that Islam is still a kind of black animal that we should erase”, he said RMC, Friday.

In the National Assembly, Article 1ᵉʳ of the text is devoted to the neutrality of public service to propose a series of amendments on the wearing of the veil, tensions have again increased. The elected representatives rose against the conduct of the debate in the National Assembly. “I have a feeling of being in front of a tribunal, Islam and Muslims against the tribunal from some time ago,” said Deputy LREM.

“By doing what you do (for veil-clad women, editor’s note) by restricting access to university, transportation, or public space, you also violate these principles of freedom, equality, fraternity. You choose them. Does not give the option of either. This is what is difficult and incomprehensible “, remembering the chosen representative, remembering that” being together does not mean staying together “.

“I want social peace, respect each other and live in peace. Bringing the veil back to the table each time, as LR deputies are doing at the moment, disrupts the debate. They are in the process of turning people against each other.

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