Is Wolverts coming back? The rejection of the famous chain is exposed through social media Trade News

This is a worrying time in the UK as the COID epidemic denies being weakened and the days get shorter as winter progresses.

So when a thread of a tweet appeared announcing that Woolworths would be back on the country’s high streets, he hoped Christmas could be saved above all else.

কে UKWolverths’ tweet claims to be here to “save 2020”, adding:

“But we’ve come a long way in Walworths HQ to pick up a few legal things.”

Fans responded to the news with nostalgic tweets remembering digging for their favorite dessert in the store’s favorite picture ‘N’ mix.

In its heyday, the high street company sold products including toys, homeware and garden supplies.

However, it closed 815 stores between 2008 and 2009, leaving the debt-ridden and fast-growing retail world behind.

About 2,000,000 people became unemployed, and in subsequent years, many stores bought into the space discount chain.

A typical view inside a Walworths store in south-west London
Is the famous picture ‘N’ mix coming back? This seems impossible

The thought of its revival – apparently in the form of three trial stores by the end of next year – brought joy to many.

There was only one problem – it may not be easy.

Woolworths Limited is now a dormant company registered at the same address as its health owners – The Very Group.

Very, formerly Shop Direct, the owner of the trademark – so even if Pick N Mix’s favorite is back, it can’t use the name Wolverts.

কে UKWorthWorth’s Twitter account was closely reviewed and revealed that its first tweet was less than 24 hours ago and the account has not been verified by Twitter like most well-known businesses.

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The link it provided as its website could not be reached, only attempts could result in “server IP address not found”

This will be your Ulsworths.  Strange account says Walworths is back next year but was that true?

The account’s tweets were also inexperienced – in a tweet the store was twice called “Ulsworths”.

Why is that "Woolworths" Website down?  A suspicious Twitter account says Walworths is returning.

When asked why the website broke down, someone blamed the response as a “massive increase in activity”, adding that Veri’s website was not affected by “we are two frustrated organizations” rather than individual companies.

A spokesman for The Very Group told Sky News: “We are not affiliated with the UKWorth’s The Very Group, the UK Twitter account that owns the Woolworths trademark in the UK.”

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