Is the era of cinema coming to an end? something like the world

But many did not want to return to public life so soon that they left lockdown mode for fear of infection, because of excessive demands or as a result of getting used to the newly discovered entertainment options at home. Under the pressure of the pandemic, those interested in the culture were suddenly asking each other, more precisely, whether it was absolutely necessary to go out; Whether what was about to be missed was really inevitable. For James Bond he dared to go out and home for once kinoNo computer screen can contain that much action, movement and spectacle, but most of the theatre, concert and art house films that were available were clearly considered dispensable by a large segment of the target audience, as entry numbers show. .

In times of global crisis, do you have low high expectations from the culture? The low-threshold entertainment offered by streaming services leads you to admit it unintentionally: There’s hardly any demand on the moving pictures you get through Apple TV, Disney+, and Netflix, if only. Because they’re cheap and you don’t have to leave home for them. Given the high supply of movies online, why should one still go to the cinema? The question seems reasonable, the answer a bit complicated: because the experience of watching work in a place that was not made for television is not available at home. even ritual, a kino Entering it shapes the feel of the film: you enter a house, a foyer, and finally a hall to indulge in something unique in the silence, isolation and darkness.

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