Is the app going to block the installation of iOS apps outside of the Mac App Store?

Designed on the same ARM architecture as the iPhone and iPad, Macs with Apple Silicon processors can run applications originally used for iOS.
More than one people were happy when this news was announced, even though the reality was more disappointing. Indeed, most of the major developers have asked Apple not to allow access to their iOS or iPadOS applications from the Mac App Store, which has dashed the dream of some to use the app. Netflix, Disney +, instagram or Google Map On mac.

However, by exporting IPA files from the iPhone or iPad (the equivalent of APKs on Android, the file used to install the iOS application), smart people have found a way to bypass the system. ‘Apple.
Thus, all iOS apps can be installed on MacOS, which not all developers like. Specifically, Netflix added a line of code to its app to crash on the Mac. Which is just the beginning, Apple can make in the coming weeks side loading Is impossible. Truth be told, the company also started testing this weekend.

A crash with macOS 11.2?

When you install an IPA file on a Mac, the computer checks with Apple’s servers (it specifically checks that the Apple ID attached to the IPA file has a software license, so as to avoid overcomplicating it Can). As of this weekend, there were no problems at this stage. Apple systematically authenticated the application which was therefore installed without difficulty.

This weekend, it was not possible to install an iOS app on a Mac like this. On MacOS 11.1, the currently released stable version, it was pointed out that an error had occurred.
On MacOS 11.2, currently in beta, a message clearly explained that the installation was blocked because the developer of the application did not want their software to run on the Mac.
But, meanwhile, Apple has gone back. Unlike many online articles, it is again possible to install an IPA file on a Mac with an M1 processor.

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We imagine that, between now and the release of MacOS 11.2, Apple will formalize this policy change. It is very likely that this brief ban will be abolished. In short, if you have a Mac equipped with Apple Silicon Chip, hurry up and download your favorite iOS app.

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Pre-installed apps still work

Finally, in the event that you have already installed a prohibited application such as instagram, Xbox or Disney +, Keep in mind that everyone should keep working in future. Apple can block their installation, but not their use.
In particular, this “restriction” is expected to be associated with the upcoming arrival of applications designed primarily for MacOS. It is now up to developers to port their applications to MacOS to make the ecosystem more complete and the experience more homogeneous regardless of the device used.

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