Is Marvel’s Secret Invasion Just Before Filming?

NS marvel cinematic universeThe Disney+ expansion seems to have barely started and we’ve already completed three series, one animation what if…? The series is about to begin, as are two more live-action series to come before the end of the year. Ms. Marvel And Hawk Eye and likes Moon Knight And ale-light Filming almost finished. That means it’s time to dig deeper into the list of upcoming Marvel TV shows in the near future. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Filming began earlier this month, and now it looks to be the highly anticipated covert attack The series is set to begin filming in a few weeks.

A Twitter post by one of those people, Charles Murphy, reveals that Nick Fury’s big series will begin filming in the UK in mid-August and run through December. The post notes that this could change if unforeseen circumstances occur, mostly related to Covid19 in the UK, but in the grand scheme of things, there should be no delay in the current Marvel/Disney series stream.

The tweet read: “I always try to convince people not to get too attached to an exact start date because it changes. However, the timeline will remain the same. As of my last update, Covert Assault will be filmed from mid-August to December. “

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covert attack It was first teased in a post-credits scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home, when it was revealed that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in that film was being played by a Skrull, a shapeshifter who was first identified as Has been observed. In captain marvel. Fury itself is elsewhere, seemingly watching things from afar, rather than in the thick of themselves. Originally supposed to be a film based on the comedy arc of the same name, the arrival of Disney+ turned it into a longer series. Along with Samuel L. Jackson, several other Marvel acquaintances will return for the series, including Ben Mendelsohn as Talos.

Along with familiar faces, the series will also feature Olivia Colman as the main antagonist, with Emilia Clarke trying to emulate her. iron throne A decade of work with a long stint within the Marvel family. Speaking to, Clark opened up about his excitement to be involved in MCU.

“I think what they are doing right now is very exciting and very cool, and so cutting edge. I feel like they are like the apples of this world,” explained Clarke. “It’s like being part of that family. is, ‘Oh my god, I’m in a crowd of good kids. It’s great.’ Honestly, the people doing this really inspired me to do it. I think everyone’s heart and mind are in the right place with this. ”

Although there is no current release date for covert attackWith filming ending by the end of the year, we’ll likely see the series around the end of 2022.

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