Is life worthless? Then you break the sorrow

1 of 2: Are you still struggling with a dull existence?
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Break boredom with simple thought practice.

2 of 2: Break boredom with simple thought practice.
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Sometimes life passes and it seems that all days are the same. This has probably become especially evident to many during the ongoing epidemic.

Here the experts give their best suggestion to break a monotonous existence.

Many see January 1 as a chance for a new beginning.

However, even now, most things feel like an anticlassics. There is still an epidemic going on, we live under restrictions and cannot plan life properly as we usually do. In other words, everyday life becomes easily monotonous.

– And this is not necessarily a bad thing. For those who struggle with anxiety, the routine can be very reassuring, says Lucy Fuller, a psychiatrist at the Huffington Post.

But looking forward nothing can be consumed regardless.

Alienated from the outside world

There is a risk that we lock ourselves away from the outside world and forget about the small memories of everyday. The things that usually confuse us don’t seem to be that much anymore. And given the uncertainty of the current situation, it is difficult to see the end of the situation.

Fortunately, there are strategies to break the monotony.

Psychologist Sue Roffey believes that how we see our lives and how we react emotionally is related to our expectations.

If we constantly tell ourselves that life is boring, then we will live in constant despair.

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– If we instead make a list of the books we want to read, the recipes we want to try or learn new things, we meet our challenges as if they were opportunities, says Roffey.

Keep planning

Her advice is to keep making plans that you divide into two categories: things you can do now and things that can only happen when the epidemic is over.

Simply put, the advice is to stop focusing on the negative aspects of life right now and on things that you still cannot influence.

Another simple exercise is to note three things that were different today than other days.

– It helps you pay attention to the small details of life, says Roffie.

Active change

According to psychologist Wendy Shooter, you can actively make small changes to your routine.

Like choosing a new route for your walk, shopping at another grocery store or making a new dish that you have never tried before. Or why not reintroduce, suppress or anything else that changes your environment.

It may also be important to remember that sterility is hardly the greatest challenge of an epidemic. People are dying, losing loved ones and suffering from economic crises. It gives both perspective and gratitude for not being impressed.

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