Is it possible to buy land on the moon …?


Internet desk: Buying space on the moon is a subject that has gone viral many times in recent times. Some people buy land on land as a gift for their wife or as a birthday present for themselves. From celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan to the common people, this is how they bought land on the moon! Does this really mean that the land has become theirs? Did they get ownership ..? This means that there are no experts! And of course there is a doubt among the common people that there is a mystery behind these purchases. The latest article answers this question!

The moment man began space travel, the countries of the world predicted problems to come. Various countries and organizations feared that they would fight to establish their dominance in space. An important agreement was reached in 1967 to prevent this. The same outer space treaty. According to the rules in it .. All the resources in space are for human welfare. No country or organization should claim it. India has also signed the agreement. Therefore, experts say that no one can trade land on the moon.

However, special mention should be made of the Lunar registry here. Registry means a list. It includes the names of those who bought land on the moon. It is operated by Lunar Society International. It also sells some of the land there to private individuals. However, these are not actual transactions that take place on the ground. So..Glooner International will put the collected amount in escrow account. This account specifically provides the liability amount to the set up board. And the goal of this organization is to get people back to the moon once again with the encouragement of private companies or individuals. With this goal in mind, the Lunar Registry came out. I mean..there is no place for the moon to change hands ..!

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