Is France able to ensure the safety of the 2024 Olympics?

Forty-eight hours after the events near the Stade de France, there is a question on everyone’s lips: will France be able to ensure the safety of the Rugby World Cup in the fall of 2023 and the Olympic Games? (OJ) And the summer of 2024 at the Paris Paralympics? Two global sporting events that are expected to attract millions of spectators to the region. Given the scenes of chaos witnessed on Saturday May 28, shortly before the Champions League football final between Real Madrid and Liverpool – won by the people of Madrid – many are surprised.

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The Minister of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amelie Odia-Castera, along with the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmin, In an effort to bring together the organizers of the match – the European Football Federation (UEFA), the French Football Federation, the Stade de France, the Paris Police Headquarters, the province of Seine-Saint-Denis and the town hall of Saint-Denis. “Identify Procrastination Too Accurately” Which got punctured in the evening near the Dionysian enclosure. I do to“To prevent such incidents from happening again for the sake of our future major international sporting events”, A press release from the ministry said.

On Saturday evening, Amelie Odia-Castera and Gerald Darminin – both present at the Stade de France security headquarters -, like UEFA, asked for a “audit trail” With football officials and French officials immediately, the attitude questioned “Thousands of British ‘supporters’ without tickets or with counterfeit tickets who forcibly entered” of the playground. “England attempts to break into and deceive thousands of fans complicate the work of stewards and police forces, but will not tarnish this victory”was overthrown the sports minister on twitter, On Monday morning, on RTL’s microphone, Amélie Oudéa-Castera guessed the number of unticketed or counterfeit ticket holders? “Thirty thousand to forty thousand, or about 50% of the capacity of the Stade de France”,

Government officials learned nothing from past mistakes

ministerial note “troubling”According to Sebastian Lewis. This expert on radical pro-radicalism in Europe, who insists “Exemplary behavior of 99.9% of Liverpool supporters” – testified by journalists on the spot – object to the contrary that public officials have learned nothing from their past errors. As of 21 May 2016, day of the Coupe de France final between PSG and OM, during which a single handicap event around the Stade de France, “At the level of the er de bridge”, was celebrated. Without the Reds’ discipline, the researcher noted, a tragedy similar to that of Hillsborough (United Kingdom) – 97 people died during a mob movement ahead of the April 15, 1989 match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest – on Saturday evening could be mourned.

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