Is Britain breaking international law by transferring its asylum claims to Rwanda?

checking process – The first flight to Kigali on Tuesday evening was stopped by a decision of the ECHR. However, Britain has made it clear that it will go further.

The ECHR was not ready to fly. The first flight was to leave on Tuesday evening. Originally from Iran, Iraq, Albania and Syria, 37 migrants from London were to embark on a charter to Kigali. At the last minute, European justice derailed the mission. Captured by several refugee organizations, the European Court of Human Rights significantly reduced the number of refugees eligible to leave through a series of temporary emergency measures. It will at least be a question of waiting”Three weeks“, so as to fall”Final National Decision(s) Ongoing Judicial Review Process“, he remembered especially about one of the Iraqis on board. Very little to a crew, the plane remained on the ground.

it’s a false start “disappoint” Home Secretary Priti Patel. “I have always said that this policy will not be easy to implement,” She said Tuesday evening, recalling that two days earlier, the British Court of Justice nevertheless gave its approval. “It is quite surprising that the ECHR has repeatedly intervened despite the previous successesbefore the national courts. And to confirm the minister that the government is not “will not discourage“Even, according to Boris Johnson, to distance itself from the Council of Europe, the political institution on which the ECHR depends – not to be confused with the Court of Justice of the European Union, notes the editor. By instituting an unprecedented sub-contracting system, the United Kingdom is actually trying to take advantage of the legal ambiguity around international refugee law, which is very protective but not very precise on the terms of the right of asylum.

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