Is AstraZeneca hidden “29 million doses in Italy”?

According to the newspaper’s revelations Imprint, 29 million doses of the British-Swedish group “discovered” in Italy. Turin Daily hypothesizes that these vials were for the United Kingdom, but during the day, the company denied this information.

The endless soap opera between AstraZeneca and Brussels is enriched with a new episode, and not least. According to an article published on 24 March Imprint, “29 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine hidden in the catalytic plant in the city of the courtyard [près de Rome] It was discovered by Italian authorities following a report by the European Commission “. According to Turin, the stock was to be taken on the road to the United Kingdom, relying on this delivery to guarantee its second dose to 15 million people, but how did that discovery happen?

For the Italian media, which tries to reverse the “course” made by these doses of the vaccine, they were produced (at least in part) on the Dutch site of Helix – a factory that the EU could not supply Could because it is ‘No’. Obtained green light from competent authority, European Medicinal Agency (EMA).

If the Halix plant is not allowed to produce doses for 27 member states, it can do so for the UK, stresses Imprint, Which suggests that vaccines made in the Netherlands have crossed the channel since December. “This flow would stop


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