“Iron Dome”: controversy in the US Congress over funding for the Israeli shield

Democrats in the US Congress came under criticism from Republicans on Tuesday when they withdrew a $1 billion envelope intended to finance the Israeli anti-missile shield “Iron Dome”.

Democrats were quick to claim that those funds would be included in another bill, the annual US defense budget, which is debated in the House of Representatives this week.

But House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy immediately accused him of “surrendering under the anti-Semitic influence of his hardline elected officials,” while some centrist Democrats also lamented the move.

According to US media, the party was under pressure from some elected members of left-wing parties that Democrats withdrew a billion-dollar envelope to finance the Israeli anti-missile shield during a committee debate on a budget bill.

Republican leaders had already announced that they would not vote for the finance bill anyway, effectively dooming it to failure in Congress. But that didn’t stop him from getting angry with the Democratic decision.

“Sad. Democratic Leaders Surrender to Anti-Semitic Left,” Tweets Conservative Senator ted cruz.

Many moderate Democrats are outraged by their leftist pressure.

House politician Dean Phillips tweeted, “I can’t believe some fellow Democrats” would vote against legislation to fund the government “to protect one of our most important allies.”

Alyssa Slotkin, another elected House Democrat and former CIA analyst, said opposing funding for the “Iron Dome” was “irresponsible” and that she “showed a willingness to attack anything, no matter what. Which one.” Cheese, which belongs to the State of Israel”.

“There will be no interruption in funding of the Iron Dome,” Rosa Delaro, Democratic Speaker of the House Budget Committee, told Politico, specifying that it would be included in the House budget. Defense.

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