Iran’s Foreign Minister in Moscow on Tuesday

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdullahian is due to visit Moscow on Tuesday, days after talks broke down over an Iranian nuclear file linked to new Russian demands.

The visit was announced by Foreign Ministry spokesman Khatibzadeh in Tehran on Monday 14 March. He told a news conference that Hussein would “visit Moscow on Tuesday” to continue the Amir-Abdullahian nuclear talks.

Ten days ago, optimistic announcements arose over an imminent deal to salvage a deal signed in 2015 between Iran and the great powers on Iran’s nuclear program. But on March 5, Russia, which has been hit by Western sanctions after its invasion of Ukraine, sought guarantees from the Americans that the retaliation would not affect its economic cooperation with Iran. The claims were deemed “irrelevant” by US diplomacy chief Antony Blinken, but which stalled discussions in Vienna aimed at salvaging the 2015 accord.

Concluded by Iran on the one hand and the United States, China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany on the other, the agreement is supposed to prevent Tehran from receiving nuclear bombs in exchange for lifting sanctions that are suffocating its economy. But it broke down after Washington’s 2018 withdrawal set by former President Donald Trump, who reinstated sanctions against Iran. In response, Iran gradually freed itself from the limits imposed on its nuclear program. Negotiations resumed after Joe Biden was elected to the White House. Iran has been in talks for several months in Vienna with major powers – China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany – to revive the 2015 accord. The United States, which does not have diplomatic relations with Iran, participates indirectly.

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