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editorial. It is necessary for Israel’s minister of foreign affairs to find benevolent negotiators, along with Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, while the great powers resume their talks with Iran after a five-month hiatus.

And for Israel, the priority is to limit the damage. As President Trump in 2018 withdrew the United States from the Vienna Agreement signed three years earlier and reinstated sanctions against Iran, Israel had expected a new, more stringent and binding international approach. For Tehran, will fall into place.

But since President Biden announced his decision to rejoin the United States in the joint P5+1 protocol, Jerusalem fears a highly reconciled international situation that would allow Iran to return to the first phase of its program. does not give It has accelerated significantly in the last three years. I

This is even more so because the new Iranian government has no interest in reviving the 2015 accord. The arms embargo on Iran has ended and now there is nothing in the way of sales. Aircraft or missiles for the Islamic Republic.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for IAEA inspectors to fulfill their mission of monitoring Iranian nuclear facilities. Only US sanctions are still in place, and even their application has become significantly less severe with the new Democratic administration.

However, for Israel, it is absolutely necessary to maintain these sanctions until the great powers are in a position to establish a better order. Because the current options as seen from Jerusalem are all bad.

Less serious, but at least likely, would be a return to the original terms of the 2015 agreement. The Iranians are not interested in this and have made it known. The second option would be a leaner interim agreement: fewer sanctions in exchange for less uranium enrichment. But its implementation appears impractical and too favorable for Iran.

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In the end, with Washington and Tehran at risk of an open crisis, opting to break into talks altogether where everyone will resume their marbles. Neither scenario gives Israel any assurance that Iran will give up its nuclear weapons program, either voluntarily or by force.

As far as the non-diplomatic option is concerned, lip service taken by the United States, it is very vague. Furthermore, Israel hardly believes it, at least not in a form credible enough to prevent Iran from reaching nuclear potential.

So the Israeli government must find a way to limit the damage. Defense Minister Benny Gantz wants a better, more binding deal, but admits it’s not on the agenda. Prime Minister Bennett and Foreign Minister Lapid are both in favor of maintaining and strengthening sanctions against Iran. Naftali Bennett also recalls that Israel is not a party to the agreement and is therefore not bound by it. And he released the budget needed to prepare the IDF for a military option. But that is all he can do to issue a warning to Tehran without angering Washington.

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majority of.

Iran announces Rang: There will be no withdrawal from the nuclear deal until all sanctions are lifted.

Negotiations began after 3 p.m. local time on Monday, 29 November at the Palais Coburg Hotel, where the 2015 agreement – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – was reached. In addition to Iran, British, Chinese, French, German and Russian diplomats were present. The United States, which withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018 and imposed sanctions on Iran, was indirectly participating in the talks.

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“This opportunity is not a window that can be left open forever,” Iran’s chief negotiator said. Iran suspended talks in June after the election of a new ultra-conservative president, Ibrahim Raisi. Iran then ignored Western calls for months to resume talks, while expanding the capabilities of its nuclear program in violation of the agreement.

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