Iran removes two IAEA surveillance cameras from nuclear plant

“IAEA refuses to recognize Iran’s extensive cooperation”

Iran on Wednesday removed two surveillance cameras belonging to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from one of its nuclear facilities, state television reported, a move that could escalate tensions with Iran.

“The IAEA has not only acknowledged Iran’s extensive cooperation, but it has vowed not to do so,” state television said.

“From now on, the competent authorities have ordered the removal of surveillance cameras of Online Enhancement Meter (OLEM)”, it was indicated.

The announcement comes after the United States and three European countries filed a resolution with the IAEA for an Iranian nuclear deal (United Kingdom, France and Germany) warning Tehran for its lack of cooperation.

This important proposal, the first since June 2020, urges Iran to “cooperate” with the agency, focusing on the case of traces of enriched uranium found at three undeclared sites in the country.

The date of the vote is not yet known, but according to a diplomat, it should take place on Thursday.

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