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The fire of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not end. Rocket firing continues: 219 deaths were recorded in Gaza on Wednesday, 12 from Israel. Israel now assures us that rockets were also fired from Lebanon towards its earth.

On Wednesday, Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards commander Hossein Salami reiterated his support for the Palestinians in a statement on television. So should we be concerned about a regional conflict of conflict?

A relative effect

No, notice the announcement effects “, Explains DW Brahim Omansaur’s Antenna, specializing in the Middle East, this Wednesday. “Tehran supports the creation of a Palestinian state, but the declarations on both sides must be taken with caution, which persists to some extent in the old reading of Iranian influence. It is no longer as important as, for example, Iran would have with Hezbollah.“, He explains.

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Iran has been very supportive of Hamas in the past, but today its role has diminished. “Tehran is now vigilant, especially to avoid adding further hurdles to the nuclear deal“, Confirms researcher at Paris-based Institute of International and Strategic Relations.”For example, armament support is low today.

Iran remains pro-Palestinian, but its influence is often exaggerated (photo from 2014)

Similarly, Hamas has distanced itself from Tehran, so as not to offend other Arab allies. On the other hand, Qatar has gained more influence than before. “He is the main collaborator“, Explains Brahim Omansaur.”But Israel managed to isolate the Palestinians under the Abraham-Abraham pact. Which does not stop Hamas from being very powerful“.

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On Thursday, the German Foreign Minister will be in Ramallah in Israel and Palestine. Tomorrow’s visit by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will be the first since the start of recent hostilities by a senior European official.

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