Iran claims missile attack on US consulate in Erbil, Iraq – Liberation

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s ideological force, the Revolutionary Guards, claimed responsibility for the missile attacks on Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan on Sunday, targeting an Israeli “strategic center” and threatening the Jewish state with new “devastating”. Operation.

A US consulate in Iraq was targeted by missiles in the Iraqi Kurdistan capital Erbil on Sunday morning. An attack was claimed this Sunday afternoon by the Revolutionary Guards, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ideological army, which they say targeted a “strategic focus”And threatening the Jewish state with new “disastrous” actions. In the text, on their SEPA News site, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards claims that “The Zionist Conspiracy and Vice’s strategic center was targeted by powerful advanced missiles.,

‘These are baseless allegations’Erbil Governor Omid Khauchnow assured a press conference on Sunday: “There are no Israeli sites in this area, only the new US consulate building.” Iraqi Kurdistan officials previously indicated that “12 Ballistic Missiles” undecided “outside the borders of Iraq, more precisely the east”targeted the US consulate in Erbil on Sunday, with no casualties.

there were two people “slightly injured” by fire, according to the governor of Erbil, who specified that the missiles fell mainly “On Empty Land”, Local television channel Kurdistan24, whose studios are not far from the new compound of the US consulate, published photographs of its damaged offices. A spokesman for the US State Department, for its part, assured that “no damage or casualties occurred at any US government facility”.

the revenge

In order to better understand the possible motive for this attack, it should be known that it occurs almost a week after the deaths of two high-ranking revolutionary guards in Syria who were killed in an attack attributed to Israel. “The Zionist regime will pay for this crime”, promised, Tuesday, parents. Night shooting will be tantamount to Vengeance.

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They are also part of a wave of rocket attacks or armed drones in Iraq since the beginning of the year, when Tehran and several allied groups celebrated the second anniversary of the deaths of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and his Iraqi lieutenant Abu Mehdi al-Muhandis, an attack on Iraqi territory. Drone attack was terminated by Washington. “Iran has targeted the Kurdistan region on several occasions, and the lack of response from the international community is very worrying.”Kurdish officials expressed their condolences on Sunday.

Sunday’s attack also comes as talks on the resumption of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in Vienna were abruptly suspended following Moscow’s new demands. Concluded by Iran on the one hand and the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany on the other, the agreement was supposed to prevent Tehran from receiving nuclear bombs in exchange for lifting sanctions that are suffocating its economy. But after Washington reinstated its measures against Iran in 2018, it broke down. In response, Tehran gradually freed itself from the limits imposed on its nuclear program.

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