Iran accuses Washington of making talks ‘complicated’

The Islamic Republic of Iran on Thursday (March 10) accused the United States ofComplexAttempts to revive the deal on its nuclear program by avoiding making a decision that satisfies both countries.

Iran has been trying for several months to salvage a 2015 agreement with major powers in talks in Vienna to bring the United States back and Tehran to honor its commitments. Concluded by Iran on the one hand and by the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany on the other, the agreement is supposed to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear bombs in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions, which are Your economy is suffocating.

“Conversations are getting more complicated”

But the deal fell apart after the withdrawal of the United States in 2018, which reinstated its sanctions against Iran. In response, the country gradually freed itself from the limits imposed on its nuclear program. As a deal seemed imminent in Vienna, Russia, hit by Western sanctions after its invasion of Ukraine, asked last week for US guarantees that the sanctions would not affect its military and economic cooperation with Iran. , Americans and Europeans have expressed concern that Russian demands will delay the deal.

,Every hour, the Vienna talks get more complicated in the absence of a political decision from the United States.Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, tweeted. ,The US approach to Iran’s core demands, coupled with undue pressure and illogical proposals to reach an agreement hastily (in Vienna), shows that the US is not interested in a solid deal that will satisfy both sides .“, he added. The United States, Iran’s enemy country, participates indirectly in the talks in Vienna. Moscow is close to Tehran.

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“We have the right to defend our interests”

In reaction to European and American criticism, Russian chief negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov claimed that the Vienna talks did not reach their final stage before the Russian demands. ,Some people try to blame us for prolonging the conversation. (But) these negotiations were not even in the final stages, and even that is not the text of the final agreement.“, he said on Wednesday.Like any other participant, we have the right to demand (…) We have the right to defend our interests in the nuclear field and in the wider context.“, he said emphasizing:”All our economic and commercial relations with Iran must be protected by current and future European or US sanctions.,

Also on Thursday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the final decision-maker on sensitive issues such as nuclear, insisted that his country would not discard elements that posed as building up Iran’s strength, such as its nuclear program. and regional influence. ,Our presence in the region enhances our strength at the national leveland increases Iran’s influence, Ayatollah Khamenei said in a statement on its official website. ,Why should we give it?,

,Scientific advances in nuclear matters are essential to meet the nation’s needs in the near future, and if we leave them, to whom and where will we go in the coming years?“Reduce Iran’s defensive capabilities as desired,” he underlined.Enemy» will come under «amateur art display“, she added. “If we had left out those who wanted to amputate some hands (to weaken) our national strength, Iran is in great danger today.,

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