iPhone: Notes disappear for some users

Installing iOS 15 on your iPhone or macOS 12 on your Mac makes notes disappear for some users.

If you’re a fan of Notes, wait before installing the first beta of iOS 15 and macOS 12. This can really make your memos disappear. If you create new memos from a beta version of the app, they may still not be available on devices running an older version of iOS or macOS due to a compatibility issue. Apple’s Notes application takes advantage of a number of new features on iOS 15 and macOS 12.

So, if you create a note on your iPhone running iOS 15 and try to access it from your Mac running macOS 11, it won’t show up because it was posted on a version of the app that isn’t supported. was. Charge 1 by macOS.

As 9to5mac reports, in some cases an error message may also appear when you open the app. This message indicates that notes are simply hidden on some devices.

The problem apparently only affects Notes users who have iOS 15 or macOS 12 installed on their devices. If you’ve downloaded both, you shouldn’t have a problem. We just have to hope that the compatibility issue will be resolved thanks to the launch of iOS 15 – logically expected for the start of the school year – and macOS 12.

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