IPhone cleaning video “storm” social network

Videos of the process of cleaning an iPhone under a microscope have been viewed more than 10 million times and discussed in forums around the world.

The YouTube Insider account posted a “How to professionally clean iPhone” video from December 5. After 2 weeks, the video was viewed approximately 11.5 million times and thousands of comments. In the video, a phone repairman talks about the process of cleaning an iPhone. The special thing is that the entire operation is enhanced under the microscope for users to see every “hairline” and mess on the phone clearly.

IPhone cleaning process under the microscope lens. Video: Insider.

The video is one of the most popular topics on China’s largest social network Weibo. The thread attracts millions of views and shares.

“At the end of the year, we should clean the iPhone a little bit. If I don’t know where to start, watch this video. I never thought my phone was scary. But to be honest, I did this Watched the video. Don’t take your eyes off, “commented Taku Jing’s account.

Technology page Cena wrote: “I wonder if the mechanic feels serious when cleaning this iPhone? It looks very dirty under the microscope.” The topic attracted hundreds of thousands of discussions. Many said they did not dare to continue using the phone after watching the video. “, But Apple once said enough to clean the iPhone with a wet towel. It’s so dirty, I don’t think the phone is so dirty. I took my iPhone to the store and cleaned them thoroughly Said, “writes Quinn Quinn account Zhao.

Videos of phone cleaning spread across social networks and “cause a storm”. The 9gag account reposted the video on Instagram and garnered around 8 million views a day.

On redditThe video became the subject of controversy, with many saying they had never seen the iPhone so dirty. Some suspect that the phone was intentionally dirty. “If not, the phone has to be picked up from the damper,” Chopper Dan commented. In response, waving Rambo said, “Everyone thinks their phone is clean, but it’s actually as dirty as you think a lot, especially electronic devices that are constantly used every day. Phones. , Headset, clock at least several times a year “.


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