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“Passenger transport – the only major sector where emissions have increased since 1990 – represents 22% of CO2 emissions.2 in Quebec. Translation: Your tank is responsible for a quarter of the problem,” writes our columnist.

Vincent Brosseau-Pulliot

Vincent Brosseau-Pulliot

Is it the end of the annual trip to the South, with big meaty burgers and two SUVs per drive in suburban neighborhoods?

The Titanic climate challenge lies primarily in the hands of governments. The lone citizen is helpless. His weak shoulders can’t handle all the pressure.

However, it has its own role. From today. It’s not about making anyone feel guilty. “People don’t know where to take the problem,” summarizes mile Boiso-Bouvier, climate policy analyst at Equiterre.

your vote

Your vote has the biggest impact on you. If the environment becomes a voter’s priority, political parties will quickly adjust accordingly and come up with robust solutions to tackle the climate challenge. The bad news: According to the firm Ledger, climate change (12%) ranks fourth among electoral issues for a federal election, far behind the economy (48%) and the health system (19%).

your mode of transportation

Passenger transport – the only major sector where emissions have increased since 1990 – accounts for 22% of CO2 emissions2 in Quebec. Translation: Your tank is responsible for a quarter of the problem. This is where your direct impact can be greatest. Except you don’t get rid of your car as easily as in Gaspé in Montreal. While waiting for massive investment from governments, Quebecers may use their car less frequently, limiting themselves to one car per household – a low-energy model or electric car, if possible. In urban centers like Montreal, the solution is through public transportation, cycling, more teleworking and car-sharing.

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your portfolio

The match isn’t perfect, but the more you consume local products, the lower their carbon footprint is likely to be. We are not talking about scarcity, only better consuming and reusing.

your plate

Cutting down on meat and dairy products is good for the climate because the methane fart from cows has a big impact on warming. Other options: Garden, beware of garbage. Agriculture is responsible for 10% of CO emissions2 in Quebec.

your trips

Is this the end of your annual trip to the South? In the medium term, it will be necessary to look at the frequency of air travel, which accounts for about 3% of global CO2 emissions.2. In the age of telecommunications, is business travel all that essential? In the United Kingdom, the Greens have been proposing for several years the idea of ​​taxing all air travel very heavily, with the exception of one trip per person per year. Trains must change aircraft for relatively short distances (eg: Montreal-Toronto).

your carbon credit

Every year, you can cancel your carbon footprint by giving money to environmental projects (like planting trees). Downside: These projects will often take years to take effect, whereas your carbon footprint is immediate.

Since 1990, Quebec has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by only 6%. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

It is an illusion to think that we will be successful without changing anything in our way of life. It is our challenge to make these changes in a fair and socially acceptable manner. Without affecting our quality of life too much.

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