iPad Pro Glass Back and Wireless Charging in 2022

According to Bloomberg, Apple announced a double today with an iPad Pro that will have a glass back and come in 2022, and a redesigned iPad Mini that will arrive sometime in 2021.

The 2022 iPad Pro will have a glass back and will no longer have an aluminum back. Apple would specifically like to make this change to offer wireless charging support. It already exists on the iPhone, and it has been since the iPhone X. With this in mind, Apple intends to offer MagSafe, as on the back of the iPhone 12.

We can in any case wonder if Apple has a solution to speed up wireless charging. It’s 15W at best on the iPhone side with MagSafe on the back. Suffice it to say that you shouldn’t be in a hurry if that’s the case with the iPad. Bloomberg noted in this regard that Apple still wants to make a wireless charging mat (AirPowerStyle) to charge multiple devices at the same time, just as the group wants to offer truly wireless charging in a single room. But this system was not ready for many years.

This 2022 iPad Pro will also be entitled to reverse wireless charging. We can thus put the AirPods case on the back of the tablet so that it can be recharged.

For the 2021 iPad mini, expect the small bezels around the screen and the home button to be removed. This tablet will take a similar approach to other existing iPads.

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