Ipad now recognizes handwriting in french

This is a feature eagerly awaited in France by iPad users, but people who prefer its touch pen to Apple Pencil. The Apple tablet is now able to recognize handwriting in Molière’s language.

Consistently, iPads compatible with the latest version of iOS 14.5 will be able to interpret words written with fingers or with Apple Pencil and transfer them to digital characters. If you have a document (for example a PDF with handwritten annotations), it will be possible to take advantage of smart selection. This prompts you to quickly tap on the annotation twice (to enter three times in a sentence) and then it will automatically convert.

The system also recognizes notes that you can enter on the contract, such as your address, your position or for example your telephone number. This idea facilitates interaction with documents without following a tedious process to delete them and then process them in PDF format on dedicated software before re-exporting.

In particular, note takers with Apple Pencil can copy and paste their handwritten text into digital format, including the Notes app. A real plus that will mainly use with the Scribble function. Again, it is about automatically changing the handwritten text box to replace its precious notes, such as by magic. You can also erase a word automatically with the Apple Pencil, while this round allows you to copy and paste.

This update, which comes with iOS 14.5, involves configuring the iPad’s numeric keypad in French format, with the algorithm to convert the text to indicate the language in which it is to be translated. Apple also specifies that the feature is also compatible with Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

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