IOS version 14.5 will allow you to replenish the iPhone 11 battery

IPhones and batteries are a story that has lasted decades. Apple smartphones have poor battery life, sometimes incorrectly. In any case, Apple does its best to ensure that users are happy with their smartphone’s autonomy as well as battery performance. The proof is iOS version 14.5.

The beta 6 version of iOS 14.5 has just been released with a lot of new features. And one feature in particular may be of interest to many iPhone 11 owners. In fact, thanks to this update, they will be able to give their battery life a better idea of ​​the state of health.

Be careful, we should be clear: this update will not extend the life of the iPhone 11 battery in any way. No, it will just make it possible to better diagnose the condition of the battery and assess its maximum capacity. According to this article published on the official Apple site, this recalculation will be automatic. On the other hand, several recharging bicycles will have to be run for the battery to cycle again. So you have to wait a bit before knowing if your battery is in good condition or if it needs to be replaced.

What about other iPhones?

This is where the bad news comes in: only the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max will benefit from this new feature. And indeed, this is not surprising. Actually, there is a slight battery malfunction in this range of Apple smartphones and this update comes to fix it.

This can be frustrating for owners of other iPhones who have seen their battery drain at VV Prime speed with the release of iOS 14.2. But in any case, Apple ensures that the iPhone 13’s battery will be far more efficient than the 12’s, especially in terms of its autonomy. Will this end the battery problem at Apple?

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