iOS bug that causes iPhone to send message read receipts even when disabled

Users reported that Apple’s Messages app was sending read receipts despite turning off the setting. While not a new issue, it is a recurring bug in iOS that causes read receipts to be displayed even after the feature is turned off. Scroll down to read more details on the topic.

Messages bug on iOS sends read receipt even though it is disabled

When the feature is enabled in iOS, the text “Sent” changes to “Read” when the recipient views the message. The problem arises when you have “read receipts” turned off, the other person will still be able to see that you have read the message in the conversation thread. This creates a problem because you have to respond at your own pace without being responsible for seeing the message. function can be activated by Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipt, This is an ongoing messaging bug in iOS and should be addressed.

According to Glen Fleishman D Macworld, the iOS bug is showing its effect again. However, this time more users are facing the problem on iOS 15. At this point there are only temporary fixes like restarting their devices. Apple needs to fix the problem in a future iOS update. what’s more. Because Apple’s settings sync between devices sharing the same Apple ID, this only adds to the negative experience.

That’s it, friends. What are your thoughts on this subject? If you experienced the same iOS bug on your iPhone, do let us know in the comments below.

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