iOS 15 not adopted as quickly as expected

iOS 15 is recently released and comes with improvements to Face ID. And like every year, many companies are eyeing the adoption of a new version of Apple’s operating system. Mixpanel informs us about it today and it seems users are less inclined to the update than for iOS 14. About half the users are in the first two days. As of September 22, 2021, it is estimated that 8.5% of people updated to iOS 15, compared to 14.5 for iOS 14 at the same time last year and still in a 48-hour period.

iOS 15 is less quickly adopted than iOS 14 – credit: Apple

Mixpanel also provides updates to its data but based on the first two weeks since the deployment of iOS 15, three of which still exist, according to a security researcher. cabinet estimate That 20.74% of the traffic to its site is based on the new version of the operating system. In comparison, iOS 14 was adopted by 40.51% users in the same period last year. Overall, 73.48% of iPhone owners still use this version according to Mixpanel. 5.78% go through other, older people. While waiting for more adoption, Apple is already preparing for the future with iOS 15.1. The first developer beta has been released and bugs seen in the initial release of iOS 15 are expected to be fixed.

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