iOS 15: Controls to Avoid Missteps in Photos App Memories

The Photos app considers itself very clever by creating memories full of old clichés. But artificial intelligence does have its limits, and sometimes the surprise is bad when memory compiles images of events we don’t really want to relive, or people we’re particularly fond of again. don’t want to see. iOS 15 brings relief with options to “less recommend” such a bitter memory or a frightening character.

A new button appears in Memories: you can not only edit the title and delete the album, but also ask the system to soften the recommendations for this memory. Before confirming, iOS asks the user if they want Really Memories of that day or place are less recommended.

Similarly, we can ask the photo to recommend someone less. Two options are available:

  • Photos and videos of the person will not be present in Memories, but group photos in which the person appears can be included in Memories.
  • Never include pictures of that person in memories.

The Photos setting resets the way the app generates memories and people.

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