iOS 14.5 sells MagSafe battery for iPhone 12

Steve Moser A Put around in latest beta iOS 14.5 which has been available since last night and may have found evidence of the arrival of the MagSafe battery for the iPhone 12. In any case the update refers to the charge of ” battery pack “(Battery module), no more” battery case “. The developer suggests that the change in conditions will be related to the use of MagSafe for charging.

Text block found by Steve Moser containing ” battery pack “. This text is for the Settings app in iOS 14.5 beta 2, but it will not appear without the associated accessory.

This is not a formal proof, but an interesting clue that can make anyone wait for a MagSafe battery. The idea would be to take advantage of the magnets placed on the back of the iPhone 12 to hold the battery instead of using a dedicated shell. Since the release of the MagSafe ecosystem, this is a clear lead, but one that poses technical problems:

One idea is so clear that Props didn’t wait for Apple to launch, so that we meet after the unofficial MagSafe battery collapse:

But these cheaper models can be charged via USB cable before you can power the iPhone. The real difficulty will be the MagSafe battery, which can power the smartphone by induction, but can also be charged with the MagSafe. Perhaps Apple has found such an elegant solution, we’ll find out if the accessory eventually comes out.

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