Investigations: Netflix, “Formula One” and F1 . new cult of

According to him, the series goes up in the air, even fabricating some rivalry from scratch: “I’m not really a subscriber to this kind of program, I prefer facts and reality. Verstappen has He has his own way of mediating his feuds. “I have nothing to say about it except that it’s a little bitch,” he said at a press conference after his collision with Ocon in 2018.

“When you have to choose from hundreds of hours of footage to make a 35-minute episode, as in any creative endeavor where filmmakers have to translate hundreds of hours of footage into 35-minute episodes, you have to make a choice. And some are difficult, the executive producers of Explain formula One, James Gay Rees And Paul Martin, when asked via email to comment on Verstappen’s remarks. “The reality is that there is very little difference between what some people think the show is about and what it actually is. ,

“This is a series aimed at the general public,” he says, “and we are very grateful to all the teams for opening their doors. »

The circumstances under which Verstappen won his title were the most painfully secrets of the last F1 season. During the final Grand Prix of the year, in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton led 51 of 58 laps and looked set to break the record for most titles in the history of the sport. After winning six of the last seven championships, everything was indicating that he was going to win once again.

An arbitration decision recently led to what the BBC described as “the biggest crisis to rock Formula 1’s governing body in years”: the International Automobile Federation’s (FIA) race director, Michael MasikA series of procedures called for it, which allowed Verstappen, fitted with a cooler set of tyres, to plow Hamilton for the position for the final lap of the race.

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hamilton, that prince of wales A few days later the knight would have been silent for about eight weeks. The FIA ​​dismissed both Mercedes’ complaints. Very quickly, the FIA ​​announced it would open an investigation, prompting Mercedes not to appeal. The exclusive press even wonders: Will this apparent cheating prompt Hamilton, the only black driver in the sport’s history, to retire definitively?

“It has shaken everyone, and rightly so, after the controversial end of the race,” said Russell, Hamilton’s new teammate at Mercedes. He adds: “We have 2,000 people here, who are at the top of their game, who really want to fight this. Hamilton will race well again with Mercedes when the season resumes at the end of March.

F1 and formula One : the pilot of his fate are so inseparable now, that after the debacle of Abu Dhabi, rumors swirled around. For many observers and journalists, the result is proof that F1 has certainly gone in favor of entertainment to the detriment of its integrity. Several drivers expressed their concern after the race, and especially for Norris, for whom the ending is “for TV, of course”. Asked days after his win, Verstappen told Netflix: “For them, of course, I think it’s holy bread. »

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