Introducing the Groundbreaking SDV SoC Family for the Automotive Market at CES 2024

Intel, a leading technology company, is expanding its attention to the automotive AI market with the acquisition of Silicon Mobility SAS, a company specializing in electric vehicle energy management and AI-enhanced software for the digital cockpit. This move showcases Intel’s commitment to bringing advanced in-vehicle AI applications to the automotive industry.

To further demonstrate its ambitions, Intel unveiled a new AI-enhanced software-defined vehicle (SDV) System on a Chip (SoC) family at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2024. This new technology aims to revolutionize the automotive industry by integrating AI applications into vehicles.

In a significant development, Zeekr, a brand of Geely, became the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to adopt Intel’s new SoCs for automotive. This partnership highlights the confidence Zeekr has in Intel’s technology and further solidifies Intel’s position in the automotive AI market.

Recognizing the challenges of power management and efficiency in the automotive cockpit, Intel aims to enhance the overall AI-driven ecosystem within the electric vehicle (EV) market. To achieve this, they are chairing a new Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) workgroup dedicated to automotive vehicle power management standards.

AI plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges of power management and efficiency through real-time analytics. By integrating AI into the automotive cockpit, Intel aims to improve the overall performance and sustainability of EVs.

The first generation of Intel’s SDV SoC family features a scalable SoC with up to 12 cores, integrated Arc Xe graphics, and AEC-Q100 qualification for stringent safety standards. These advancements ensure high performance, safety, and reliability in Intel’s AI-driven automotive solutions.

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Intel plans to reveal more details about its SDV SoC family in the coming months as it seeks to make a significant impact in the AI-driven EV market. With its acquisition of Silicon Mobility SAS, partnerships with Geely’s Zeekr, and its dedication to establishing industry standards, Intel is positioning itself as a key player in revolutionizing the automotive AI market.

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