Interview with Reed Hastings: New Netflix Originals in Germany

Netflix-Chef Reed Hastings

The US streaming service is looking to expand into Germany.

Berlin 80 new productions alone and half a billion euros for them by 2023: Netflix boss Reed Hastings has big plans for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On Wednesday, he personally opened his streaming service’s new office in Berlin.

It is also a response to the increasing competition for global and local streaming services around the world. In an interview with Handelsblatt and “Wirtschaftswoche,” Hastings talked about the competition from Disney Plus to Bertelsmann and acknowledged that they may be stronger than Netflix in some areas. But he also stressed: “It doesn’t make us defensive.”

And Netflix is ​​upgrading: In a preview, Hastings showed what big names and productions the US streaming giant wants to introduce its viewers to from the next region.

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