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According to Oprah’s interview, the charge of royal racism is not just on Boulevard. Criticism deepens.

A two-hour interview in a California garden caused waves around the world. Exactly a week ago, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan put their heart to the face of US talk show host Oprah Winfrey. In the royal houses there was always a dispute about money, title and position. It is also clear that the British royal family is not a casual flat-sharing community, but a hierarchy with a tight protocol. The charge of racism has not only disrupted the tabloid press for a long time, it is much deeper than that.

No condemnation of casteism from the palace

There are 61 words that Mahal has worked on for over 36 hours: “The whole family is saddened to learn how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan (…), they always became very loving family members. Will stay. ”In Mahal’s response, there is no reference to the skin color of the two sons – the most toxic element in California allegations.

There is also no open condemnation of casteism. The queen wants the family line to be resolved and the public is asked to respect the privacy of the family.

The younger generation questions the institution

It will not be easy to fulfill this wish. Whoever celebrates their weddings and fills in familiar symbiosis with tables in front of millions of people is not a normal family next door. According to current surveys, the majority of the British people still support the monarchy. The younger generation is increasingly questioning the Actronistic Institute.

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It is not the apparent communication disorder that is startling. Millions of other families around the world are no less miserable. But the royal family is more than a remote tourist attraction. The royal family is the figurehead of the United Kingdom. Perhaps the accusation of racism – whether it is true or not – is therefore difficult to dismiss as a family dispute.

The debate in the Commonwealth intensified again

Because the charge is directed against the dynasty that heads the state for 16 different countries of the Commonwealth – home to more than two billion people of different skin colors.

In some of these countries, the debate has intensified again as to whether one day, after the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, may run away with the colonial past and the royal family. 61 The word Chased would therefore only temporarily be the end of this story.

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