Internet users express their disappointment about the last episode

Instant hit mini-series, Vandavision This Friday ended on a long-running final episode, leaving many viewers in a half-fig. The series presenting Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was at the heart of many fan theories about the future development of the great Marvel adventure. And some have more or less expressed their disappointment.

Obviously, this article may contain many spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, we recommend you come back after watching this series to learn more about everything that has been said in the last few weeks.

/! SPOILER / !!

To pray : Best Marvel Series?

Vandavision, it’s all over. Definitely a mini-series that would have given Disney + many subscriptions. A single season that many people have enjoyed in recent weeks and after. Each episode will shake the hearts of superhero fans. He is a very good bridge to the MCU for a lot of people who allow him to be interested.

The series laid the foundation for a lot of fan theories. He acted as a primer for the next stages of MCU And introduces many elements that should be important for the future.

A final that divided fans

However, Vandavision Did not please. The last episode managed to escape from an impact game of Thrones By proposing an end that many DEMs “accept” and “agree” No big surprise Or critical moment. In fact, Many were waiting for answers that they were the only ones to ask. Character of quicksilver For example, CIntroduced the X-Men, the one that disappointed fans the most.

This is a good final episode even if a little disappointed with Pietro.

I am disappointed and disappointed …

The more I think about it, the more I am disappointed with the conclusion of Vandavision. They were so lazy that they could not give us more lazy surprises than this. Potential for nothing so much …

Grab a box of tissues. Prepare to be disappointed with our principles. And to think that this series got Amy…

I liked the final episode but was deeply disappointed by the lack of cameos, for which I hypnotized myself.

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