Internet users delighted by the shock of her kitchen in space

Everything, everything, we’ll be all about the life of Thomas Pesquet. As he flew to the International Space Station (ISS) for a six-month stay, the French cosmonaut has provided the rest of the world with photographs and anecdotes that fill his extraordinary daily life. As if to remind us of our tragic fate of the human lambda as it somersaults into space. However, contrary to appearances, Rouen residents did not board the Crew Dragon capsule to entertain the gallery, but instead dozens of scientists aboard to conduct experiments and replace the station’s faulty equipment. And between the two missions, he enjoys keeping in touch with his audience via social networks, to share this extraordinary adventure. Especially since he lacks humor to detail his work, not always glamorous. And if Thomas Pesquet is gifted a saxophone for a concert, he is less comfortable with a crepe maker, on the other hand. It’s not Breton who wants…

While he wanted to honor French gastronomy to delight his comrades, the first French commander of the ISS mocked his fellow citizens on Saturday, June 26, 2021. “Unfortunately for my comrades, my culinary talent is not my nationality … At least Shane and Oleg, with whom I have already lived in the station, were warned this time”, unattractive aspect (. .) confessed to Anne Motte’s partner.

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