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Northrop Grumman launched its capsule to the International Space Station from the Virginia coast

An international ship has been launched into the International Space Station with a special food supply for astronauts.

Northrop Grumman, an American global aerospace company, launched its capsule off the coast of Virginia on Friday.

It has a 360-degree camera designed for spacewalking, radish seeds for growth and an assortment of meat and cheese for feasting.

The shipment also included pressurized air tanks to assist offset A leak in the space station; A new 23 23 million titanium toilet designed for women, and a VR-camera that will provide cinematic shots of the spacewalk and other outdoor views from space.

The obsolete 3,600kg delivery is now expected to reach its destination on Monday.

The launch provided beautiful skies for observers from Carolinas to New England – where the skies were clear.

Northrop Grumman launches his capsule from the Virginia coast to the International Space Station
The consignment includes meat and cheese prepared in time for Thanksgiving. Photo: Northrop Grumman / NASA

“It was a spectacular launch,” said Kenny Todd, NASA’s deputy space station program manager.

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“Creating an artificial dawn there for a few minutes, it’s just a sight to behold.”

The Cygnus capsule requested by the astronauts – including Genoa salami, smoked gouda and provolone, brie, cherry tomatoes, oranges, pecans and chocolate-covered cranberries – has a wide range of food features – all for Thanksgiving on November 26th.

It has more fresh food than usual as the number of people on the space station will increase from six to seven as SpaceX launches its second astronaut at the end of the month.

The astronauts will have the opportunity to increase their own crop this year with the addition of radishes.

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The researchers hope that the 40 seeds sent will be completed within a month.

Slightly larger trees like peppers and tomatoes can follow in a few years.

NASA’s new toilet aims to make women a better place at a time when more female astronauts are expected to go into space.

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