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The combination of cinema and science is the ambition of international science and cinema meetings organized by the Poli Maggot Association in Marseille. For this 13th edition of the festival, a selection of 69 short and feature films on science issues (fundamental sciences, life and environmental sciences, human and social sciences, etc.) will be presented.

A “Kovid” version

Determined for March 2020, the 13th edition of RISC will finally be online a year later and only online, requiring the Kovid epidemic, rather than investing in various locations in the city of Marseille. But Polly Magogo wanted them to somehow take the place, so as not to break the link between the public, the filmmakers, and of course the films, the main objects of these meetings. This time, therefore, the entire selection can be viewed on the Kinov platform, provided you register in advance (for free). Various films will be available throughout the week, à la carte. But not to lose all the flaws associated with this event, interactive sessions will still be held.

RISC 13TH Edition Trailer from Polly Magigo on Vimeo.

17 thematic sessions

In all, there will be 17 thematic sessions: The first is scheduled today at 8:30 pm with the theme “Geography, Sociology and Town Planning”. Each session will be followed by videoconferencing discussions with directors, researchers and the public. However, to participate, it will be necessary to register before the 25th hour on the stage, as the audience gauge is set at 100, to facilitate dialogue.

Topics we’ve identified include: a focus on March 23 at 4 pm Chloe Galliebert-Laen, Director and Researcher École Normale Superior – PSL. His film Forensicness Will be shown there: This is a mise en abyme of the film Watch detectives By Chris Kennedy, the 2013 Boston bombings dedicated to the pursuit of terrorists. The filmmaker dissected the mechanics of the victim through images on social networks that led to the arrest of the suspects.

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One more evening to note: A special “Observation, Microscopy and Instrumentation” on March 27 at 6:00 pm, with 7 short films in the presentation. The festival will close with 4 awards (Short Film Young Audience Award, Short Film Audience Award and Short and Feature Film Jury Award). The entire program can be viewed on the RISC festival page.

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