International Labor Day: Solidarity is “the key to our survival and prosperity”

In a statement published on the International Workers ‘Organization (ILO) website commemorating International Workers’ Day (May 1), the Director-General of ILO, Guy Rider, called on workers, employers, governments, international organizations and all those in a better world. Committed to the creation, to join forces to establish a fair and honorable world for all.

According to the ILO, the Kovid-19 pandemic “has devastated the world of work, destroying work, trade and livelihoods.” It put millions of people in poverty and returned to global development. Like most crises, it is increasing the inequalities in the weakest and most vulnerable in an already uneven world.

“A stark reminder of the epidemic and global interdependence thereafter. This is as true for health as it is for our working life.

For the head of the ILO, no one is safe until everyone is safe. “No one can remain indifferent to the plight of others in the face of the fragility of the interdependent world we have built. Solidarity is the key to our borders, a place both inside and outside our borders.

As the world faces the current crisis and humanity looks to the future, one thing is very clear, “We need a people-centric recovery based on justice and equity. A permanent recovery that leaves no one behind, ”said the Director General of ILO.

In order to build better, the ILO noted that the world must make coherent and deliberate political choices, create jobs and ensure good working conditions for all, provide social security, and protect workers’ rights. Will have to protect and resort to social dialogue.

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For Rider, this 1 May is an opportunity to recall historical conflicts that have made it possible to reap such benefits. “Today, again, extraordinary sacrifices are being made by women and men around the world to defeat Kovid-19. We salute them, as we mourn those who lost their lives, ”he said.

But the head of the ILO believes that we should never renounce the values ​​of social justice, fundamental rights at work, nor is there a determination to build a better future that causes the world to celebrate May 1 And inspiration. For so many years.

“In many ways, the epidemic has plunged our lives into darkness and made it more difficult,” he said. “Yet it has brought new possibilities for us which we can exploit,” he said, adding that the changing context of the crisis provides an opportunity to rethink, make new choices and make new commitments for humans. prosperity.

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