“International and major projects are our two locomotives”, Antoine Metzger and Jean Bernadette (NGE)

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Antoine Metzger and Jean Bernadette, President and CEO of NGE Group respectively, gave their results for the 2021 fiscal year and reaffirmed their ambitions for the future despite the tense economic and geopolitical context.

You unveil your group’s 2021 results this Thursday, May 5. Are they in line with your development agenda?

John Bernadette: Better they allow us to go a little further! Between 2019, the last reference year before the COVID crisis, and 2021, we registered an 11.2% growth in our business. It is now EUR 2.776 billion for operating profit on activities of EUR 71 million.

Antoine Metzger: This growth is more important because it is essentially organic. This puts us well above the regional trend, rated down 4% according to FNTP over the same period, and the growth recorded by our partners. It’s a real satisfaction, especially when you consider how far you’ve come. Five years ago, we were generating €1 billion less in turnover. To achieve this, we have grown on average about 10% each year, both in terms of turnover and EBITDA. Our workforce has grown at the same time: we recruited 4,825 people in 2021 and are running 4,000 recruits per year.

Which of your activities are driving this growth?

JB: All our business families have grown up. Our backbone of the regional multi-business model contributed €1.077 billion, which again demonstrates the strength of our synergies. Major projects, notably Fiber and Greater Paris deployments, represented 507 million, while our specialized national subsidiaries represented 862 million and international 330 million. On this last periphery, half comes from fixed installations and the other half from large-scale projects, such as the Nachtigal Dam in Cameroon and the 273 km of Ferrocarril railway line in Uruguay financed and built as part of a PPP with the state. has gone.

M.A: International and major projects are the two drivers of 2021. The activities of our subsidiary NGE Infranet related to the deployment of fiber reached an all-time high, thus contributing strongly to the 22% growth in the activities of our flagship projects. Outside of France, conquering the large markets mentioned by Jean and the growth of our locations in the United Kingdom and Egypt have enabled us to grow 27%.


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