Intense new talks to “resolve outstanding issues” at the WTO

The members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) will meet from May 16 to 20. In-depth dialogue to resolve outstanding issues and “bridging the gap” toward a global agreement to cut harmful fishing subsidies, the Geneva-based institute announced.

, fishing week Will be held in preparation for the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) which will open in Geneva on June 12, specified the organization in a press release.

In a video message, the president of the talks, Ambassador Santiago Wills (Colombia), indicated that it was ” Fisheries Week will be an important occasion for members to finalize the draft agreement and work towards preventing the depletion of fish stocks around the world.,

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, It is therefore time to end decades of negotiations and end WTO negotiations on fisheries subsidies so that the results can be adopted by ministers.“, she pleaded.

, There is no doubt that a global agreement is within reach – it has never been closer and we must not miss this opportunity“, he said again, noting that” We must negotiate not against each other, but against the continuing depletion of global fish stocks, which is so important for livelihoods, food security and a healthy planet.,

Negotiations on fisheries subsidies at the WTO were initiated at the Doha Ministerial Conference in 2001, with a “mandate”.clarify and improve » Existing WTO Topics on Fisheries Subsidies. This mandate was developed at the 2005 Hong Kong Ministerial Conference, which included an invitation to ban some forms of fisheries subsidies, which contribute to overfishing and over-fishing.

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At the 2017 Ministerial Conference (MC11) held in Buenos Aires, the ministers agreed on a work program to conclude negotiations, in the next MC12, with a view to adopting an agreement on subsidies for fishing, which will support sustainable development. Target 14.6 takes effect. ,

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