Intel’s 16″ MacBook Pro drops under €2,000 before bidding us farewell

Launched in late 2019 for €2,699, the 16″ MacBook Pro now costs just €1,979 on Amazon. The laptop is regularly the subject of hype, but this is the first time it has gone below the €2,000 mark Although this reduction of 27% is significant, we now advise against purchasing this machine in most cases.

The MacBook Pro 16″ still dominates the MacBook M1 in the graphics area and in some other aspects (number of Thunderbolt ports, number of managed screens…), but we expect its next upgrade under the Apple Silicon architecture. Keeping its promises, this upgrade could replace the laptops as much as the MacBook Air and Pro 13″ when they swapped their Intel chip for the M1 chip.

The future 16″ MacBook Pro, which will be marketed by the end of the year, will feature a new Apple chip composed of a high-performance 8-core CPU and 2 energy-saving cores (compared to 4 + 4 cores for the MacBook Pro). M1) and GPU with 16 or 32 cores (compared to 7 or 8 for M1). And we don’t even talk about other alleged developments (HDMI port, SD card reader, mini-LED screen…) In short, if you need a very powerful laptop and you can’t wait, just wait a while.

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