Instagram makes its platform more accessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing

The social network has announced the advent of automatically generated subtitles for videos on its application.

A new feature to allow deaf and hard of hearing people to enjoy Instagram. On March 1, the social network announced that auto-generated captions for videos are now available. “It’s taken a while, but we’re excited to share a new tool that empowers members of deaf and hard of hearing communities. Videos on Instagram will now have auto-generated captions, where you can have them on or off.” will have the option to do so.said Adam MosseriBoss of Instagram.

The social network thus intends to make its platform more accessible to users of these communities. The feature is currently available in 17 languages ​​including French, English, Japanese and Urdu. It will be introduced with other languages ​​later. Instagram is also expected to improve the quality of captions as the artificial intelligence behind it learns with the people using the tool.

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This feature was also launched for the benefit of content creators, who till now had to manually add captions to their videos. “We have seen our community implement time-consuming and painstaking “solutions” (…) in an effort to make their content more accessible to audiences that are deaf and hard of hearing.Christine Pie said, Instagram at . head of communications in cnet,

Other actions to make the platform more accessible to people with disabilities are already in place. Last May, the social network introduced automatic captions with stickers in Stories. Recently, it has added a text-to-speech tool to the reels. It allows an automatically generated voice to read the text aloud to help the blind and visually impaired. Content creators can also use it to add description to their reels or to make them more fun. Instagram is not the network to develop these features for people with disabilities. For example, automatic subtitles and voice synthesis are available on TikTok.

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